Sunday, May 8, 2011

So Sorry! + Doll #3

I didn't post the bunny I drew last night! DX Well, here's today's and yesterdays! And I must go quickly as I only have a few minutes left...
This is the first frame in an animation I'm working on. C:

Albert doll~ My character Albert that is. Anyway, this A Doll a Day thing is hard...I'm probably mostly going to do drawings of doll/chibi's of my characters and whatnot. anyway, also some pictures of my new haircut~ Not commenting on the pictures of me XD


Kassandra said...

OHMEGOSHES IT'S AAAAAAALLLLBBBBIIIEEEEE!!!!...... ooookay, ANYWAY, absolutely love the haircut! I feel the urge to draw you now...... OKAY, WARNING, YOU WILL BE DRAWN!!! Anywho, I wish I could play with your new haiiiiir.... *makes grabby motions*, but on another note, looking forward to that animation short! well, hope you are well, how are the puppies? G'night and lurves!

Allyson Lemmon said...

Heehee yesh...Albie... I love my hair now too X3 OMG NUUUU okay.
The animation.....I finished it. it's a sketch animation and it's a bit sloppy....but it won't let me save it as the correct file type! DX
So until I figure that out, no animation on here. or DA. or e-mail. *Dramatears* Puppies are good, we pretty much have homes for two of them! (The Jessup's and Ian's family are wanting a puppy :3)

Kassandra said...