Monday, May 23, 2011


I'm so bad! I haven't posted in like, a week! So sorry guys/gals. Anyway, not doing the doll a day thing...I kept forgetting. And Jacob (My little brother) he plays baseball, and his team won 12 games out of 14! Now onto the tournament! Well, I've been drawing human pokemon lately, based off of the pokemon I have in the games. Oh! The puppies have new collars! They are not just felt anymore...heheh. My Dad turned 43 the day before yesterday. Hrrrm....Oh yes! I'm currently wanting a job....preferably babysitting because people say I'm good with kids. I need something simple...I have a tendency to forget what I'm doing...
I'm saving up to buy a laptop... a Sony VAIOS Signature Collection C Series. it costs $1,149.99 a looooooot of money. I have about $200-$250 already sooooo it's something I guess. Here's some art. XD
 A Quick doodle/sketch of some of my original characters from left to right:  Dedalus (My friends character, Tetris (Floating above), Kai (Snake teeth/tongue), Flynn, Rex (Cat ears)
 Yu Kanda from a manga a read called D.Gray-Man.
 Sketch of Rex.....I like this one.
 Another sketch of Rex, the shading on his face is's based off of the artist for Kindom Hearts
I really don't know who this is....just a random doodle. Kinda looks like Flynn as a girl. XD

So, I'd like 1-3 page comic ideas if anyone has any! I'd have to include my characters.....I'm going to post again sometime with more details!



Kassandra said...

OMGEEZEUSYOUPOSTEDFLAUIHIDJFOLVBRKJD<>KCJBKHJVHIDHKVJHIFHKb!!!!!!! :D I love the Buckles/Tetris/Kai/Flynn/Rex one :) OOOHEY, I have comic ideas! PICK ME, PICK ME!!!! I will post them in a e-mail sometime, *chuckles maniacally* Prepare for the flood of ideas!!! Anywho... Everyone in the pic's look great,and tell Jake congratulations for me!!

Allyson Lemmon said...

Heehee I PICK....YOU LADY! WITH THE POOFY HAIR! Kay, kay. Email is gooood