Thursday, May 5, 2011

Okay! Here are three pictures I drew with my tablet on either Photoshop or Corel painter!
Top: A random anthro guy becoming pixels and stuff. Very colorful.
Middle: Xerxes Break from a manga I read, it's called Pandora Hearts~ Xerxes is a creeper.
Bottom: My character Albert. He's a demon and he has no eyes! He's always smiling (No really.) If he frowns something happens. Not sure what yet though. XD
Anyway, expect more pictures in the near future. I draw a bizzilion things each...though they're too many to post so you'll only see the better ones~

Oh! And our dog Piper had her puppies! She now has four black puppies~ 1 boy and 3 girls, the boy is named Maximus (My little brother, age three named him. Cuute!) And one of the girls is named Big Red (She wears a red collar/ribbon) They all wear colored collars made out of felt. They is Big Red, as said above she has a red collar, Maximus wears a green one, then the two yet to be named girls wear blue and white!

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