Thursday, May 5, 2011

Puppy Pictures!

Top: All four puppies sleeping. The one with the red collar is named Big Red, and the one with the green collar is named Maximus! (My little brother named him!) The one with the blue collar is named Astrid!
Second one down: Cuteness! X3
Third one down: Me holding Big Red, she's sleeping.
Bottom: Me holding Big Red and Piper (Big Red's Mother) is giving her a snuggle.

The puppies are 2 days only in these pictures!


Kassandra said...

OHMYGOSHES THEY ARE SO CUUUUUUTE!!!!!! Does the white collared one have a name yet? I'm glad Piper is doing so well as a mom :) well, I 'shausted and must sleep, but congrats!

Allyson Lemmon said...

Lol, The white one maaybe has a name noow~ either Luna or Laurel (If the family agrees on one)